Mockups that Rockup

Stock photos can be dull. Sometimes they need a little extra edge to convey an idea. So we came up with RockStock, your first stop for royalty-free Glam Rock/Metal Stock imagery; packed full of classic poses and scenes.

If we’re being honest, we wanted to grow our mailing list (ethically of course), so with the introduction of Harry to our team, we organised our 2023 team shoot with outfits and makeup from Glam Rock & Hair Metal (yeah we looked that up too), with the idea of juxtaposing our metal AF looks with typical generic office stock photography, and sharing them – royalty-free – with the creative world.

So spice up your pitch decks. Add some metal to your blog. And whip your chokers out for the workday.

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Guerrilla Stocktics

To garner traction for the project, we uploaded several images to popular free stock image sites Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay, to act as an exposure funnel to the site and to get RockStock into the hands of the masses.

With people using the images on platforms like Medium, Buzzfeed, and Trello.

BTS (Behind the Stock)

We created a whole brand identity for the project that parodies your typical stock/assets website. Using website builder, Squarespace (not affiliated), we created a microsite to show the full range of imagery and provide a downloading hub for the project. Along with ready-to-wear t-shirts and stickers.

A tone-of-voice was developed that was self-referential and industry-meta-specific phrases that fellow creatives could relate to and connect with. This infected the entire site, product descriptions, FAQs, and even the filenames.

With Thanks

Talent: Alex Kazem-Malaki, Ben Mottershead, Harry Vincent
Photography and Art Direction: GLH Studio
Hair & Makeup: Freya-Anne Townsend
Website Design: Never Dull Studio
Catering: Monster Energy

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