Beer Pong Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Boxpark were looking to create a new student focussed event aiming to increase awareness and raise footfall in their newly revamped Playbox space in Wembley. The night needed Increase the energy in the room and get people talking to spread the word. Essentially get more people in the door and drinking beers!

With the cultural revival of games like Bingo, Ping Pong and even Darts it’s safe to say that the new generation need more than just the appeal of a quiet pint to get them out the door. The flood gates have been opened to augmented games and incentivised play – It’s meme culture; re-invent, add value, jeopardy or music to the classics and you’ve got a good night out! So…what’s more exciting than good old (new) fashioned beer pong…

The visual identity and brand language for Hotshots was developed after we took an immersive look at 90’s and early 00’s skate culture. There has been a significant rise of popularity for this period of time, particularly amongst Gen-Z.

We saw how skate companies from Blind, to World Industries had created entire worlds around their products. It presented us with an opportunity to create a very tongue-in-cheek, authentic visual presence. Something which has become increasingly popular with the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, where audiences want to be entertained rather than sold to.

From this we created a character-rich identity system, full of humour and authentic marketing visuals. This enabled the event to feel accessible to all abilities and types of people, while setting the overall tone for the event. Leave your serious side at the door and go balls to the wall.

Alongside the branding and marketing we also developed the entire event structure and game design. This included the overall rules, round themes which included the notorious ‘you got a friend in me’, and even choosing about some terrible prizes for stand out contestants such as the MVP, or the Rimmer.

With Thanks

To Roger, Ben, Andrew and the entire Boxpark team, along with our brilliant compere for the evening Ludi, and photographers Georgia and Roxy.

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