Studio Dad – The Great British Pub

There is nothing like the great British pub, even when you are in one that isn’t very good. You know them, the one with the dowdy décor, the uncomfortable chairs and the smelly carpets. Sitting waiting on a friend with a pint and a packet of crisps is bliss.

“The Beer Is Cheap, The Pub Always Full And The Sense Of A Good Life Being Lived As Always.”

If you stay where you are long enough then all human life will pass before you. The British pub gives you a sense of time and place, a rootedness in the culture, and a specialised knowledge of your favourite beer, or short, or soft drink. We have lost many pubs this last year, but I am sure many will re-open under new management. Many of our pubs need to change, to offer something new. For instance, our local Spoons would be great if they would just lift the awful carpet and expose its floorboards, but, hey ho, the beer is cheap, the pub always full and the sense of a good life being lived is always there.

Photo Credit: Jonas Mosesson

When John Lennon was asked to define rock and roll in three words, he said ‘Be here now’. That is the definition of a good pub for me. At BND Design, as lockdown lifts, we hope you enjoy your summer, and you cannot go wrong with a local, with well-kept beer and a smile on the landlady’s face when you walk in after a hard day in the iMac.

Author Profile

‘Studio Dad’ is the alias of the David Mottershead, the father of Studio BND founder, Ben.
After a 30 year career in teaching Studio Dad retired in the pursuit of new fulfilling adventures. The pieces he crafts are aimed at providing an invaluable outsider outlook at the industry, while also presenting opinion pieces which reflect the current world we live in.